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When I say "I love being a photographer", I'm really saying is, "I love life". I love all the amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting and incredible moments that I get to witness through my lense. I Iove my island home of Maui and sharing all its best kept secrets that I've discovered over the 18 years I've lived here. I love the art of emotion. I love the timelessness of a snapshot of this moment in your life. I love capturing the unique and profound connections people share with each other... from families on a vacation they'll remember forever, to newlyweds embracing their first days and moments as lifelong soulmates, and soon-to-be parents on the cusp of a life about to be changed forever.

Photography to me, is more than an art, more than a hobby, more than a job, and more than
an expression. Photography has been the greatest union of all the things I love in life and it's
allowed me to embrace who I am (fun-loving, social, and high energy - sometimes my ideas move so fast, even I can't keep up with them!), celebrate each moment, and capture this crazy thing we call life, one client at a time.

People are my passion, and my job as a photographer is really a job of celebrating people's lives. I am so honored to share in that celebration with my clients and I can't wait to share in many more to come.

By John And Team

Under Construction as of July 16, 2016

JMC Photography of Maui